Huddle enables teachers to give students personal attention and effective feedback that sticks.

Keep 1:1s quick, focused,
and inspiring

Teachers and students come to 1:1 conferences prepped with questions and reflections to guide the discussion and simple ways to document next steps.

Set and track really
smart goals

Teachers and students can select and customize goals from Huddle’s library of academic skills, habits, and areas of personal interest.

Easy, breezy

Students can check in with Huddle’s AI assistant, Carson, to track their progress, reflect on their teacher’s feedback, and prepare for their next huddle.

Meet Carson, Huddle’s feedback assistant!

Hi, I'm Carson! Students check in with me on their progress against goals and prepare for their next huddles.

Hi, Carson! What else do you do?
How it works
  1. Prep

Teachers can prepare to meet with a student in an instant, with an overview of prior huddles, goal progress, and any new questions from the student since they last met.

Students also prepare to meet with their teacher to ensure they have taken the time to reflect on their progress and identify any areas they need help with.

  1. Huddle

Teachers meet with students for a quick, guided conference.

Huddle comes with a wide-range of subject and curriculum-specific questions for teachers to use or they can create their own.

Huddle makes capturing notes and decisions in one place a breeze. And students can choose from a set of relevant goals to work towards based on the discussion.

  1. Follow up

Recognizing that teacher time is precious, Huddle’s assistant, Carson, is available to check in with students anytime.

He is designed to reinforce feedback from the teacher, host guided reflections on a student’s progress, and keep them motivated in reaching their goals.

And as the next huddle approaches, Carson helps prepare the student to meet with their teacher.

👋 Psst. Teachers can also instantly create a recurring assignment in Google Classroom™ for students to check in with Carson. Set it & forget it!

  1. Sync up

Carson takes on the duty of keeping the team of supporters informed on a student’s progress. From texting parents to ask what they would like to cover in an upcoming conference, to reminding the teacher a student is expressing frustration during his followups, Carson is working 24/7.

Built by educators. Backed by research.

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When to use it


Huddles are an excellent way to structure individual student meetings during advisory period.

Independent work

Huddle’s mobile app provides a simple way for teachers to quickly check in with students as they work on small group or independent activities.


Huddle supports parent-teacher conferences, making it easy to share updates, capture concerns, and follow up with parents throughout the year.

Exit time

Scheduling a single huddle at the beginning or end of class can provide an easy way to connect with every student on a regular basis.

The staff huddle

Huddles aren’t just limited to using with students. Principals, coaches, and mentors can use Huddle with staff to keep 1:1s focused and effective. In fact, we recommend starting with just staff. That’s why Huddle is free for educators to use with colleagues for the first year!